KR Wilson Catalog 1940

24 Years (1940 K.R. Wilson Tools Catalog)

This 1940 KRW Catalog presents the largest and most complete line of Special Tools and Garage Equipment for Ford Repair Shops ever shown in one book. It contains everything necessary for completely servicing and rebuilding Ford Cars and Trucks

From the days of the old Model T to the fast streamlined Models of 1940, KRW Tools have kept ahead of the increasing need for better and more accurate servicing equipment. We have constantly improved our manufacturing facilities until today we design and build in our own Factory more than two-thirds of the items shown in the catalog.

This complete control of all production operations, from the raw material to the finished product, reduces manufacturing costs. These Savings are passed on to Ford Dealers in lower selling prices.

The KRW Policy of selling direct to the user eliminates the cost of extensive advertising and jobber’s and salesmen’s profits. KRW Products have only one price - and that price is printed in the catalog where everyone can see it. Most of these prices are less than a jobber would pay for similar competitive equipment.

Since 1916, I have pioneered the “Factory to User” Policy. You will find KRW Tools and Equipment “tops” in quality - the best at any price. This Policy has had a far reaching influence on competitive prices and governs to a large extent to whole price structure of automotive servicing equipment - but KRW Values cannot be equaled! Where can you buy a Jack, Car Washer, Air Compressor, Wheel Aligner, Cylinder Boring Machine, or any other piece of equipment of equal Design and Quality at the prices in this catalog?

In 1926, just 14 years ago, I was successful in convincing Mr. Ford and Ford Engineers that I was capable of producing the type of Servicing Equipment they desired. I have, and will, conscientiously endeavor to live up to the trust they have placed in me by continuing to manufacture Equipment of the highest Quality, selling it to Ford Dealers at prices they can afford to pay.

I am deeply appreciative of the confidence Ford Dealers have shown me in the purchase of KRW Equipment. Your future patronage assures a continuation of the KRW Money Saving “Factory to User” Policy.

K. R. Wilson