KR Wilson Catalog 1936

A Business That Financed Itself

I completed the first KRW Transmission Bushing Reaming machine in October 1916. It proved so successful that all Ford Dealers in Western New York were invited to bring a Transmission to my repairs hop and let me rebuild it ‘Gratis‘, just to demonstrate it’s speed and accuracy . They came! They saw! - And more than forty outfits were ordered within two weeks. Many Dealers paid Cash in advance to get preferred delivery, and it was this money that provided the capital to start K. R. Wilson on the road to success. From then on, the business financed itself. More than 17,400 of these outfits were developed to meet the needs of Ford Repair Shops at the time. In 1920 the first two units of the present KRW Factory at Arcade, N.Y. were built to take care of this fast growing business. In 1922 the KRW Combination Machine made its appearance and practically revolutionized the method of rebuilding Ford Engines.

I built and equipped an Automobile School to convince Ford Dealers and Mechanics who came from all parts of the world to learn about the new process. In April1926, I was given an opportunity to prove my claims to Mr. Ford at the Ford Engineering Laboratory at Dearborn.

My tools were carefully tested and checked against factory manufacturing standards and all competitive makes of equipment, during which time dozens of old worn out cars were completely remanufactured, motors were Dynamometer tested and performance compared with results obtained by other methods. After several months of tests KRW Tools and Equipment were “APPROVED”, then came orders to equip sixty odd Ford Branch Training Schools throughout the world. Since then many more have been added. Hundreds of additional Traveling “Training Schools on Wheels” were now reaching Dealers, Fleet Owners and Independent Service Stations in every nook and corner of the U.S.A. I have kept my pledge “to build KRW Equipment as good as we know how, then build it better” and sell it at a price Ford Repair Shops could afford to pay. I have ever since had the close co-operation of Ford Motor Company in the development of new precision tools and equipment. Certainly such a record of achievement warrants your continued confidence in the quality and integrity of manufacture of all KRW Products listed this 1936 Catalog.