KR Wilson Catalog 1931

15 Years of Success (1931 K.R. Wilson Tools Catalog)

1916 My automobile experience dates back to the steam and gasoline engine driven automobiles.
In 1907 I built the first modern garage in Western New York. From 1909 to 1911, I was a Ford Buick Dealer. From 1912 to 1913, I manufactured “57 varieties” of accessories for Fords. Soon afterward, through a bad partnership arrangement, I lost every dollar I had accumulated.

But 1916 proved the turning point in my life and the beginning of my present business. With no assets other than plenty of ambition and determination to make good, I started an independent Ford Service Station. At this time but little service station equipment was available, so that most of the work had to be done by hand. In spite of this handicap, my experience, with the aid of a good machine shop at my disposal, enabled me to turn out good work and build up a wonderful business.

I found that many operations could be done better, and in a fraction of the time, if especially designed tools could be had. So I immediately designed the most needed one at that time - the Transmission Bushing Reaming Machine.

Dealers around Buffalo were invited to come in and try it. As a result many of them wanted me to build duplicate machines for them, which I agree to do. Several of them, paid me in advance to secure preferential delivery. With this ‘Capital’ the present K. R. Wilson business was founded. From then on the business financed itself. Accumulated profits were used to further expand the business and develop new equipment.

Space does not permit me to tell of the struggles with competitors and other obstacles which had to be overcome during the next ten years. However….I survived! In 1926 I wrote and published a book which opened to eyes of Ford Service Men and revolutionized repair shop methods. Soon afterwards The Ford Motor Company recognized that my equipment and methods were right. Subsequently, arrangements were made whereby Ford Dealers could purchase K R W Shop Equipment direct from the factory, at prices unheard of before.

From time to time jobbers have intimidated manufacturers and suppliers who sold me, in an effort to stop my source of supply: making it necessary for me to manufacture such equipment in my own plant. In every case I have been able to make such equipment better and cheaper. Today, I own & operate the largest plant of its kind in the world - where nearly all KRW Equipment in produced from the raw material to the finished product.

As to the future, I have every confidence that the Automobile Industry will continue to develop and always be the greatest in existence. With this faith in the future, I have invested millions of dollars in factories, machinery and stocks of merchandise to keep pace with this great industry.
Aside from the financial remuneration this business has brought me, I feel my greatest reward is the recognition accorded me by the Ford Organization and its Dealers throughout the entire world.

This Fact, and my 15 years of successful designing and manufacturing should be sufficient to warrant every confidence in KRW Products.

K. R. Wilson